Keep My Phone Number

You can keep your current wireless phone number!

  1. Sign up for your new Affinity Cellular phone and voice plan.
  2. When you receive your new phone in the mail, call Customer service at 866.488.8717.
    Please Have Ready for the Customer Service Agent:
    • Name
    • Address as it appears on your billing statement
    • Last 4 of your Social Security
    • Phone number you want to keep
    • ESN number of your new Affinity Cellular phone (found on the inside of the battery door)
    • Account Number for the original phone number (this is generally not the same as the phone number, please confirm)
    • Password/Pin used to access the account (generally not the password used to access your on-line account)
    • Valid contact number which is not either number involved in the port (in case we have questions)
  3. Tell them you want to PORT your CURRENT PHONE NUMBER to your NEW PHONE.
    Note: Your account will have to be paid current and in good standing.
  4. Customer Service will manage the change.
  5. There are no charges or fees associated with keeping your phone number.

Please Note: